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As one gets older, the necessity of a long term fitness/nutrition plan becomes more and more important. Even mentioning of a “diet” would throw me into depressive bad mood and some things, like champagne and chocolate, I am never prepared to give up.

In the beginning there was a simple curiosity and “why not to try” attitude... and then I became a biggest Fan!

Finally, somebody explained the science and logic behind the body weight maintenance and I saw figures – what the food worth and how my body transforms in the process.

I appreciate the patience, very personal tailored approach, motivation at the right moment and wonders of what has happened since the start!

No hunger, no diet – just a healthy amount of discipline and exercise... and I am absolutely excited to keep going!


As a “pasta+cheese cake+wine” person it was always hard for me to follow up with my food and as result I never could reach the weight/body I always wanted.

I’ve tried many diets but without any results, Valeria showed me the right, the way for me and we could see some results already in a few weeks. 

I’ve almost learned what kind and how much food I need to eat to not be in a so familiar situation for everyone “next to fridge in the middle of night”. 

There are still many things I have to learn and I will not stop cause I see that this works.


When I was introduced to the Saint Banana program I immediately fell in love with the approach Valeria and Pavel have so intelligently engineered. When I met these clever people, I had already made some progress towards losing weight and changing my nutrition towards a healthier lifestyle.

Nevertheless, I had not reached my goals and far from being able to do so with my approach. They designed a nutrition program and additional workout plan to fit my goals and needs keeping in mind my relatively hectic training plan. This was exactly what was looking for. And the best thing about it, it works.

Not only did the program provide me with the result I was hoping for, Valeria’s and Pavel’s constant monitoring, follow up and support in addition to alternative food and supplements suggestions played a key role all along.

The coaches positive and encouraging attitude is probably the key ingredient in this program – this process went from being a “task” to being “fun”. Although, tough at times it’s good to feel your body start playing along and feel it respond, that’s the aim, but also to having fun all along.