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Meet the Team

We at Saint Banana offer nutrition and fitness advise.

The three of us are obsessed with all things food and sports. Over the years we have accumulated a tonne of knowledge on nutrition and physical activity.

We help folks like you make better decisions about food and exercise.

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Chief calories officer

Background: Nutrition nerd, half-marathon runner, horse rider, spent the last 10 years on testing different workouts and diets

Favorite cheat meal: Swiss whole grain bread

Superpower: Joined the 5AM club and loving it

Valeria, I choose you !



Chief abs officer

Background: Competitive swimmer, swimming coach, triathlete, (almost) an IronMan, CrossFitter, gymrat

Favorite cheat meal: Burgers and pizza

Superpower: Staircase HIIT sessions

Better call Paul !


German-speaking Coach?

Background: We are looking for you, German-speaking coach! With Dominique moving on to new adventures, we are interested in working with you. We are super flexible and best part - you get to take 75% of the profits!

Favorite cheat meal: We will hang out a lot and discover what it is.

Superpower: Keen to get to know you better!

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