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Never Give Up


The Prelude

Over the past few decades our lifestyle has become our worst adversary.

We are constantly looking for ways to become more productive and efficient at work, we pull long hours.

Unfortunately, it comes at a price. We have become less active. We nibble lunches without leaving our desks or eat on the go.

The Bullshit!

Some try to sell you eco, bio, lactose-free super foods (and lifestyle), sprinkled with some gluten-free bullshit.

Sadly, none of it works!

You came here, because deep down inside you know it’s true and you are:

1.     Working long hours and failing to find time to be active.

2.     Always out on client meetings, lunches and dinners.

3.     Want to be fitter, but don’t know where to start.

Our Approach

We at Saint Banana don’t believe in crash diets, crazy novel exercises or hours spent on a treadmill. There is no special treatment or some magic pill.

We believe in hard work and dedication. You’ll need plenty of that to be fit. Our approach is bullet proof and battle tested.

We constantly optimize our programs, based on available nutritional research.

We believe in, and are guided by the laws of physics, more specifically in the first law of thermodynamics. This means: consume less energy than you spend and you'll get shredded!

Because science is awesome!